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Tagging of places in IRCyr and IRT




There are more cities represented in IRCyr (5 + Gebel) than there were in InsAph (1!), so place tagging is slightly more relevant to us.




The region is always Cyrenaica/Libya, which is indicated using the following two tags (in the teiHeader):


  • <geogName type="ancientRegion" key="Cyrene">Cyrenaica</geogName>
  • <geogName type="modernCountry" key="LY">Libya</geogName>




The five cities of the Pentapolis are tagged as follows:


Ancient names:


  • <placeName type="ancientFindspot" key="http://pleiades.stoa.org/places/373732">Apollonia</placeName>
  • <placeName type="ancientFindspot" key="http://pleiades.stoa.org/places/373757">Berenike</placeName>
  • <placeName type="ancientFindspot" key="http://pleiades.stoa.org/places/373778">Cyrene</placeName>
  • <placeName type="ancientFindspot" key="http://pleiades.stoa.org/places/373879">Ptolemais</placeName>
  • <placeName type="ancientFindspot" key="http://pleiades.stoa.org/places/373736">Taucheira</placeName>


Modern names:


  • <placeName type="modernFindspot" key="http://www.geonames.org/81584/susah.html">Marsa Suza</placeName>
  • <placeName type="modernFindspot" key="http://www.geonames.org/88319/banghazi.html">Benghazi</placeName>
  • <placeName type="modernFindspot" key="http://www.geonames.org/82972/shahhat.html">Shahat</placeName>
  • <placeName type="modernFindspot" key="http://www.geonames.org/89183/ad-dirsiyah.html">Tolmeita</placeName>
  • <placeName type="modernFindspot" key="http://www.geonames.org/88834/tocra.html">Tocra</placeName>


Minor Sites


South of Berenike

  • Ajdabia
  • Arae Philaenorum
  • etc.


    Berenike to Taucheira

    • ...

    Al Marj and sites to the South-East

    • ...


    Between Bayyadah and Cyrene

    • ...


    Between Cyrene and Darnah

    • ...


    Darnah and Sites to the East

    • ...










    The region is always Tripolitania/Libya, which is indicated using the following two tags (in the teiHeader):


    • <geogName type="ancientRegion" key="Tripolitania">Tripolitania</geogName>
    • <geogName type="modernCountry" key="LY">Libya</geogName>




    The three cities in IRT are:


    Ancient Names:


    • <placeName type="ancientFindspot" key="http://atlantides.org/batlas/abrotonum-sabratha-35-e2">Sabratha</placeName>
    • <placeName type="ancientFindspot" key="http://atlantides.org/batlas/oea-35-f2">Oea</placeName>
    • <placeName type="ancientFindspot" key="http://atlantides.org/batlas/neapolis-lepcis-magna-35-g2">Lepcis Magna</placeName>


    Modern Names:


    • <placeName type="modernFindspot" key="http://www.geonames.org/2208578/marsa-zawaghah.html">Marsa Zawaghah</placeName>
    • <placeName type="modernFindspot" key="http://www.geonames.org/2210247/tripoli.html">Tripoli</placeName>
    • <placeName type="modernFindspot" key="http://www.geonames.org/2215692/lebda.html">Lebda</placeName>


    Other locational groupings:


    • Coastal Belt
    • Sirtica
    • Gefara
    • Western Djebel
    • Eastern Djebel
    • Upper Sofeggin Region
    • Middle and Lower Sofeggin Basin
    • Wadi Zemzem
    • Oulying Oases (Ghadames and Bu=Ngam)
    • Milestones




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