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Page history last edited by Gabriel Bodard 9 years, 5 months ago

Apparatus entries in IOSPE can take one of several forms (or a combination of more than one). The main forms are summarised below:


Alternative/deprecated reading (from named previous edition):


e.g. Where the text reads βιηθείᾳ, and the apparatus is:


3: Θεία Murzakevich, Bogdan, Pippidi, Şlapac


     <app loc="3">

         <rdg resp="bib:b0176 bib:b0273 bib:b0347 bib:b0252">Θεία</rdg>



Where "b0176" etc. are the unique identifiers in the main bibliography.xml for Murzakevich etc. "bib:" is the prefix that expands to ../alists/bibliography.xml#


Deprecated reading (from all previous editions):


e.g. where the text reads ὑπ(ά)του Ἰω(άννου), and the apparatus is:


3: ὑμῶ(ν) Vinogradov; ὑπάτου Ἰω(άννου) al.


     <app loc="3">

          <rdg resp="bib:b0000">ὑμῶ(ν)</rdg>

          <rdg>ὑπάτου Ἰω(άννου)</rdg>



Where the lack of @resp on the second <rdg> indicates the fact that the reading is the responsibility of all others, not a single named editor/edition.


Text omitted (from named or all editions):


e.g. where the apparatus is:


2: τοῦ om. Vinogradov et Komar


     <app loc="2">


          <rdg resp="bib:b0000 bib:b11111"><note>om.</note></rdg>



e.g. ii, where apparatus reads:


          4: ἀλβοῦς Latyshev; om. alii


     <app loc="4">

          <lem resp="bib:b1234">ἀλβοῦς</lem>

          <rdg><note>om. alii</note></rdg>



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